Stagecoach Group Take to the Road

Stagecoach Group Beginnings

Stagecoach Takes to the Road

The idea of cheap and efficient transport between Scotland and London was revolutionary in 1980 and the name Stagecoach resonated with the travelling public.

In those days there were no intercity coach services across Scotland.

So opportunities to provide new affordable bus services were thick on the ground. Aberdeen in particular was wide open. On his trips to the city to visit Arthur Andersen’s clients, the would-be entrepreneur spotted that intercity bus services were non-existent and there was untapped demand with the expanding oil industry.

By this time he had made up his mind that his future lay in transport, so he persuaded his sister Ann and her husband Robin to buy a bus for school runs. Then, using his father’s redundancy money, they bought two coaches and the Stagecoach Group story began.

The new services grabbed the imagination of the travelling public and while the distinctive orange, red and blue livery was anything but subtle, it enabled their buses to stand out from the crowd and ensured the brand made an immediate impact.

Sir Brian and Ann worked round the clock to keep their buses on the road, giving passengers a standard of service they were anything but used to.

Their “passenger-first” approach generated enormous customer loyalty and soon the group began to grow.

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