Sir Brian Souter Beliefs

He Stands Up For What He Believes In

Portrait of Brian Souter

Words which might describe Sir Brian are – successful, charismatic, energetic and passionate. Controversial is a tag Sir Brian would not personally use but he will not shy away from controversy if it means standing up for what he believes in.

Some saw it as controversial when the father of four accepted a £1.6 million bonus from Stagecoach in 2009 and immediately donated £900,000 to The Souter Charitable Trust and most of the remainder to the staff pension fund.

Some saw it as controversial when he donated £500,000 to the Scottish National Party. When asked why, he responds simply: “Why not, I have been an SNP supporter all my life.”

Some saw it as controversial when he led the campaign with 20 other prominent Scots and every mainstream religious organisation to resist the repeal of legislation known as Clause 28 of the Local Government Act of 1988 which prevented the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities.

Some saw it as controversial when he personally funded a national referendum in Scotland on Clause 28. A total of 1,262,686 people returned ballot papers and a staggering 86.8% - that’s 1,096,011 - agreed with Brian that Clause 28 should not be repealed.

It’s worth noting that the number who voted with him to keep the clause far exceeds the number of votes cast for any single political party in Scotland at any election over the last 10 years.

Sir Brian is a man of conviction who simply stands up for what he believes in – a value lauded by those who believe in free speech and democracy – a right which he would passionately defend for anyone.

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